Appoploo tracker is designed for boats

Your boat is not a car so why using a solution for cars?

Features that make sense

We are adding features that help you understand the condition of the boat and the crew. Understand whether it sails safely or gets involved in risky situations. Tell us your specific need, we know how to make it available.

Solution that integrates with your customer's needs

Appoploo is providing solutions for yacht owners and for charter companies. We want to make sailing a great experience for all. Subscribe to our mailing list and find out how you can do more than follow a dot on the map.


How it works

Appoploo tracker installation requires a few simple steps...

Use the smartphone application to add the boat you want to monitor and connect it to the tracking device simply with your camera.

Plug the tracker device to the power supply and start monitoring the boat. Position, speed, routes are continuously available on your smartphone. Plus extra information as battery, tank level, engine usage or collision detection can be easily checked with no extra cost.


Plans and Pricing

Appoploo Plus pack

Package includes

  • The tracking device
  • Prepaid internet costs
  • Free shipping
  • One-year subscription
  • Free smartphone application
  • Device warranty

Three simple steps to get control of your fleet

We are trying to make it as simple as possible.


Tell us how many devices you need and where to deliver. Order now

Download and install the app

Go to Play store for Android or App store for iOS and download Appoploo tracker in only a minute

Google Play App Store

Add your boat and go

Add your boat and simply scan the QR code that you will receive. You are ready!


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